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Alagna 2000, Apartments for rent In Alagna Valsesia

Alagna 2000, Apartments for rent In Alagna Valsesia


Promotion on lift tickets Alagna, Monterosa-Ski

Alagna 2000 Consiglia

Shopping Tours & Wine and Food Tastings

We organize bespoke Shopping Tours to outlets and craftmanship labs and Wine and Food Tastings in cooperation with the best local farms and wineries.

Charming apartments in the center of Alagna two steps from the ski lifts to the Monterosa-ski

Cabins built in perfect style Walser, offering accommodation of the highest quality and equipped with the latest technologies. 

Positioned on the main street, the houses offer the chance to fully experience the delightful village without using their cars. 

The apartments for sale are delivered complete with flooring and interior doors in old larch, bath rooms in white gneiss, technological fittings, sanitary suspended cabinets and larch. 

Installations for a kitchen with induction hob or gas.  Featuring a spacious overlooking and surrounded by the greenery of its gardens, the chalets offer Alagna2000 the basement, garage with automatic opening of different sizes to suit different needs of space and a cozy ski-room equipped for winter sports enthusiasts who will have security lockers for skis and boots dry. 

Our chalets were built to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The exteriors have been treated with special oils to preserve the wood from fungi and / or parasites, ensuring compliance aesthetic quality excellent.

For rentals: +39 334 1659275 


  • Apartment B - Mini Suite

    Apartment B - Mini Suite

  • Apartment 1

    Apartment 1

  • Apartment 2

    Apartment 2

  • Apartment  3

    Apartment 3

  • Apartment 4

    Apartment 4

  • Apartment 5

    Apartment 5

  • Apartment 6

    Apartment 6

  • Apartment 7

    Apartment 7

Wheater, Slopes and Facilities

LIVE from


Telecabina Alagna - Pianalunga 2923 mt
Partenza: 1212 mt - Arrivo: 2046 mt


Seggiovia Pianalunga - Bocchetta delle Pisse 1195 mt
Partenza: 2030 mt - Arrivo: 2403 mt


Funifor Pianalunga - Cimalegna - Passo Salati 3146 mt
Partenza: 2050 mt - Arrivo: 2980 mt


Stazione Intermedia Funifor Cimalegna 1592 mt
Partenza: 2665 mt - Arrivo: 2980 mt


Seggiovia Cimalegna - Passo dei Salati 1800 mt
Partenza: 2650 mt - Arrivo: 3030 mt


Funifor Passo dei Salati-Indren 1582 mt
Partenza: 2970 mt - Arrivo: 3275 mt


Collegamento con Gressoney 0 mt
Partenza: 0 mt - Arrivo: 0 mt


Skilift - Wold 350 mt
Partenza: 1250 mt - Arrivo: 1350 mt


Tapis roulant Pianalunga 0 mt
Partenza: 0 mt - Arrivo: 0 mt


Tapis roulant Wold 0 mt
Partenza: 0 mt - Arrivo: 0 mt


Alagna 4 km
Diff: Rossa Disliv: mt


Mullero 2 km
Diff: Rossa Disliv: mt


Olen 4 km
Diff: Nera Disliv: mt


Cimalegna 2 km
Diff: Blu Disliv: mt


Bodwitch 0.50 km
Diff: Blu Disliv: mt


Wold 1 0.46 km
Diff: Blu Disliv: mt


Wold 2 0.40 km
Diff: Blu Disliv: mt


Alagna m. 1.200
Temp:-3 Vento:assente


Pianalunga m. 2.050
Temp:-12 Vento:assente


Passo Salati m. 2.970
Temp:-19 Vento:assente


Bocchetta m. 2.403
Temp:-10 Vento:assente

ALAGNA 2000 di Grober Sergio & C. SAS
Via dei Walser 26 13021 Alagna Valsesia (VC)
For rentals: +39 334 1659275
C.F.: 01230150037 P.IVA: 01645960020
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